and coffee.

i love long weekends.



i no longer have to leave my apartment to do laundry.
i can adopt a kitty – or TWO KITTEHS!
my neighbours are geese, not a beer vendor.
sleep is more enjoyable due to less traffic outside my bedroom window.
am located in a more secluded, almost borderline rural area, so the chances of wanna-be gangsters walking by shouting out how tough they are has been virtually eliminated.
the people to whom i will now pay rent to are capable, they are professional, and i trust them.
the building’s elevator has a permit (imagine that!), and doesn’t look like the inside of a prison – oh and it actually works, so no one gets stuck inside it when it inevitably jams once every 2 weeks…
there are amazing paths winding all around our new neighbourhood – great for biking, jogging, and walking.

i love our new home.

i have to thank my mister for spearheading this move – he was the one who took charge and set-up the viewing appointment, arranged the physical move, DID  most of the moving. he is the reason we are here.

thanks babe.