dear self:

it’s time to put the “knits” back in “melanie knits”.

~ sincerely melanie(knits)


2011 knits.

how i wish that the title of this post were literal. sadly though, i did not live up to my online handle of ‘melanieknits’ in 2011; it was more like ‘melanierarelyknits’. and 2012 hasn’t sparked much of a change…….. not yet anyways.

i do want to KNIT ALL TEH PRETTY THINGS! but when it comes down to the physical actions needed on my part to knit all those pretty things, i’ve been lacking.

but enough whining.

today is about showing you all the pretty things i made in 2011!

looking back on my projects, i’m pleasantly surprised that i cast on 20 projects last year. granted, 2 of them are still on the needles, and 2 took a sad turn to frogville – but that leaves me with 16 finished hand-knit pieces. more than i thought, that’s for sure.

  • 6 scarves (‘gaptastic cowl’, ‘multnomah’, ‘honey cowl’, ‘5th avenue infinity scarf’, ‘springtime bandit’, ‘montego bay scarf’)
  • 2 dishclothes (‘double bump’, ‘hedwig illusion’)
  • 2 pairs of mittens (only one set shown, both ‘chevalier mittens’)
  • 1 toque (‘a practical animal cracker hat’)
  • 1 pair of socks (‘kalajoki’)
  • 1 baby sack (‘owlie sleep sack’)
  • 1 cupcake (‘cupcake’)
  • 1 bookmark (‘harry potter bookscarf’)
  • 1 bag (‘ilene bag’)

still on the needles are a big blue blanket, and a cardigan i started as a knit-a-long. frogged was a baby blanket and an infinity scarf.

january has flown by without a single project started (or wip finished!), but i’m hoping to pick up my needles again soon. wish me luck!