oh, hello there.

before you run away yelling “stranger danger! stranger danger!“, let me re-introduce myself to you.  hi, i’m melanieknits, and i publish this here little blog page.  sure for most of 2011 i seemed to disappear off the face of the blogisphere, but i’m back.  i’m still here.  i didn’t forget about you.  just um, bigger fish to fry, you know?  and you know what they say…….

right, that.  but it’s not that i didn’t have anything nice to say, more that i just didn’t have anything to say – nothing worthy of it’s own special post at least.  so yeah… hello again, welcome back, and i’ll do my best to publish the occasional paragraph/photo/knitterly update now and again.

speaking of photos…….

i recently stumbled upon a lovely little photo-a-day challenge via one of the popular social media streams.  i think it was instagram.  not that it matters.  anyways!   Fat Mum Slim is the host of this month-long challenge, and you can get all the details here – it’s not too late to join in!

so without further ado, may i present to you day 1. your view today

now this is technically my view this evening, as i didn’t have an opportunity to snap a shot of the stellar view from my desk earlier.  which you’ll now have to wait until february 22nd to see.  oooh, cliffhanger!

and thus concludes my foray back into the blogging world.  i do hope you’ll come back and visit again.  daily, if you’re so inclined!


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