game face.

it’s time to get my knitting game face on.

october is here, which means colder weather is on it’s way, and i really need to knit a new pair of mittens for myself.  the pattern is courtesy of knitty’s deep fall issue: ambroso – fell in love with the design as soon as the pattern page floated across my computer screen.

but before i start up another project, i’m challenging myself to finish the ones that have been on my needles for months now.  first up is a seekrit project, and it is juuuuuuuust about ready for cast off.  easy peasy lemon squeezy.

next project to tackle are my river blue socks. this is another one that is so close to being done, and i can’t wait to wear them. it’s a shame they’re not finished already, but the progress became sidetracked in our recent move.

then i really should finish that montego bay scarf i started in may…

after the scarf, i’d really like to knock off the blanket i’ve been working on since february.  you know, maybe finish it before another winter passes us by? yeah, would be nice.  can’t actually recall the last time i picked up that sucker. and i really hope i kept note of which row i left off on – heh heh.

and lastly, how about we throw in a little twist into the plans?  one of my favourite bloggers is hosting a fall knit-along, and it’s a big one… starts on october 17th.  have i bitten off more than i can chew? probably!

so after all these projects have been (mostly) ticked off the WIPs list, i will reward my hands with a lovely new pair of mittens.  my plans are to take the rest of october to tackle these projects, and cast on the mittens before the start of november.  wish me luck!

what are your fall/winter knitting plans?


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