in point form.

hi, and thanks for stopping by today!  here’s what’s happening in my world…

  • started my “3rd year” in the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup competition on Ravelry.  got sorted into Hufflepuff again, and am hoping to rack up some good points for our house this term.
  • signed up as a pattern tester for 2 separate knits; a market bag, and a triangular shawl/wrap/scarf thingy.  have started knitting the market bag, but sadly ripped it all out yesterday after realizing that i had the wrong stitch count (my bad, not the pattern’s).
  • the rental agency who owns my apartment complex has been providing us with a great source of laughter these last few weeks.  apparently verbal agreements are all the rage when it comes to leases.  yeah…  i know, right??!!
  • comedic relief continues in the form of a Todd Phillips film festival.  i’m celebrating his clever, mindless humour all week.  started with my all time fave, The Hangover. yesterday was dedicated to Due Date (twice!), and today we’ll be viewing Starsky & Hutch (love Snoop Dogg in this flick!).
  • i may have “pull-ated” (har-dee-har-har) something when doing pilates this week… amazing how simple exercises can really work your core.  am feeling it, and am loving the burn.
  • drinking so much hazelnut coffee.  lord, we love our Kuerig brewer.  thank you Auntie Karen & Auntie Friend Lynn!!!!!!!!
  • last week, my Aunt & Uncle were in from BC and so the ladies all got together for dinner one night.  it was really really great to have everyone together, and i had so much fun eating and laughing, and laughing and eating… found out some wonderful news which i cannot share here (yet!).  family is the best!  there needs to be more nights like that.
and thus concludes today’s mini catch-up session.
hope to see you all again soon! <3

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