speedy gonzales.

i still participate in the harry potter knit & crochet house cup over on ravelry.  and i’m in danger of being given the boot from hogwarts!  you see each month students like myself are expected to take (/make) at least one class (/project) and turn in homework  before the end of the month.  the last time i handed in homework was january!  february’s assignment was supposed to be that gigantic blanket i talked about here.  and it’s still sitting stagnant at just under halfway done.  now, if  somehow manage to gain superpowers and finish this beast before march 31st, then i think i’ll be alright.  however i would still need to start and finish a new project between now and march 31st to keep myself in the good books this term.

enter 5th avenue infinity scarf pattern and noro silk garden yarn:

Noro Silk Garden

5th avenue infinity scarf

i’ve managed to convince myself that i can conquer the impossible by casting on this lovely little cowl with the leftover yarn from my clapotis, and actually finish the damn thing before thursday.
what the heck am i thinking???
better get those needles moving!


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