lost and found.

2011 has been a pretty fickle year for me so far.  quite the mixture of happy and sad, up and down, back and forth… you catch my drift.  i won’t go into detail, as it’s been somewhat of a personal journey, but i will say that it’s all for the better.  day by day is my motto these days.

that said, i’m eager to catch up with friends old and new. but until that day actually comes, i’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with my peeps via facebook, twitter, and email.  i’m a pretty shy, socially awkward girl in real life, so i’m very happy to have these social media outlets to connect with such an amazing, creative, friendly, and inspiring community.  communicating with friends online has really helped keep me focused (and sane!) these past few months. so thank YOU for being full of awesome – you are very much appreciated!

sadly, i seem to have really lost my knitting mojo.  the last time i actually started and finished a project was in january!  i do have a beast on the needles right now though, it’s just that i don’t seem to be making much progress:

it’s an adult sized blanket, and according to the pattern i’m probably about 40% done.  this is the only thing i’ve been knitting since february, and in normal circumstances i’d be finished already.  i have daydreamed about starting other projects, but there’s been no desire to actually cast anything on.  what’s the opposite of startitis?  because that’s what i’ve got, LOL.


6 thoughts on “lost and found.

  1. Melanie, I’ve lost the knitting mojo so many times during my lifetime. Sometimes I need to switch to a different craft for a while (cross stitching is my other main craft). Other times I just need to start sometimes new and completely different from what I’m working on. Sometimes I need new yarn because I hate EVERYTHING in my giant rubbermaid box.

    I have also started an adult sized blanket in my past. Maybe 10 years ago? It is sitting in my giant rubbermaid box about 30% done. I don’t know if I will ever get the desire to finish it.

    I am sorry that you’re having down points to your year but I hope it only goes up from here for you.

  2. I’ve had issues with my knitting mojo too, plus I keep making really stupid goofs and that throws me off even more. But I owe people stuff so I have to suck it up.

    I know what you mean about having the internet as kind of a safety net of friends that are easy to communicate with. I’m really careful about trying to make friends IRL because I’ve had so many flakes in my life. But people on twitter and blogs are nice to have because of their fairly consistent existence.

  3. I LOVE this blanket. I have one that is about 20% unfinished and had lost the rest of the wool. Since I found the wool again, have not returned to finish. Maybe you have spurred me on.

  4. I totally empathize with you…with everything you’ve said. You’d be surprised at how many similarities there are between us sometimes. Even with the woolly things…I started crocheting, all gung-ho and wanting to get crafty, then I lost it.
    And as you have offered to me (and I may still take you up on) – if you ever need someone to talk to I’m there for you.
    I luv ya Mel (:

  5. ladies, thank you so much for your kind words; they mean a lot to me.

    as for that beast of a blanket…i’m going to finish that sucker if it’s the last thing i do – haha!

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