happily ever after.

feels like forever ago when i told y’all about the mister & i getting engaged.  we’d been together for over 10 years at that point and we both always felt that we didn’t need a piece of paper, rings, or a minister telling us what we already knew – that we love each other so much, and that we’d be together forever.  then we got into our 30’s and discovered that calling each other “boyfriend/girlfriend” didn’t sound right. neither did “partner”, and forget about “common-law husband/wife”.  so we figured, why not get married?  just without all the bells & whistles.  that was december 2008.

a lot of people ask us why, if we were just “signing the papers” and not planning a wedding, did it take us so long to actually get married?  well, it was always very important to both of us that our parents be with us when we did make things official.  so when my dad fell ill only a couple of days after we got engaged, any talk of our marriage was obviously put on hold.  amazingly in june 2010 dad was declared cancer free! the news was so incredible; to this day i still can’t believe it and get all choked up just thinking about it . mind you his life, and my mom’s, are not how it was before this happened, but we’re all here – he made it and each day we cherish life.

fast forward to october 2010 when the mister & i started thinking more about our little big day.  we’d been watching the hangover a lot, and started dreaming about eloping in Vegas.  but that went against our plans to have an intimate ceremony with our parents.  and then picking a date, a location… oh who would have thought that such a simple ceremony could pose so many debatable topics, ha!

finally though, on january 15, 2011 (our anniversary), i married my sweetheart of 14 years.  we went for dinner with our parents to the same restaurant we went to when we first introduced our parents.  a week later we had a celebratory dinner with the rest of our families at a restaurant that holds sentimental value to the mister & i, as it’s our ” go-to” spot and one where we always feel whole-heartedly welcomed by the owner & staff.

if it’s even possible, i feel even more in love with my mister today than i did before we signed those papers.  and how grateful i am to have a family (on both sides) who have loved and supported us continually throughout the years.  makes me smile from the inside out.  am so very happy!


6 thoughts on “happily ever after.

  1. My hubby and I totally agree with you about having a wedding. It was just a piece of paper, we knew we were already committed to each other…but it is nice to say husband and wife (: And isn’t it wonderful to find someone who you are continually falling more and more in love with?
    Congrats again! We wish you both lots of love, laughter and happiness in your many years together.

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