rockin’ blonde.

last night i got to see one of my new favourite bands play at the wecc ~ Yukon Blonde. i’m so in love with their music; it pretty much helped me start every day on the right foot during the chaos that is the winnipeg fringe festival this past july.  the first time i heard their single ‘Babies Don’t Like Blue Anymore’ on CBC Radio 2, i was hooked (take a listen here).  sadly, i discovered them just after they’d been through my city on tour (/sadface).  so needless to say when i heard they were touring again this fall, i snapped up tix immediately.  they were awesome live.

yb @ wecc, oct 6.2010 (pic by aw ~

they opened for the wooden sky and there was a band before as well, so their set was so short but so sweet too.  they did however play my fave single from the album: Brides Song, so i’m a happy camper.  i’m crossing my fingers for another YB stop in my fair city sometime soon… and hopefully this time they’ll be headlining – i need more YB!  they just released a new video for Loyal Man. seriously, check these guys out!


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