hot listed.

last year i posted about what  projects were itching to be stroked off my knitting queue, and i did fairly well with using those patterns as a short-list for what went on the needles next.  there’s been so much knit-spiration on twitter and ravelry lately, that i feel compelled to make another “i need to knit these SOON” list. so without further ado…

mara by Madelinetosh
inspired by:

#03 Green Autumn (Druid Mittens) by Jared Flood
yesterday i re-stashed a yarn i’d previously used to knit a traveling woman shawl, and  i’m positive it’s telling me that it wants to be a new pair of mittens – for me!

Entomology by Laura Nelkin
because it’s just so purty.

Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
i mean look at it. how could you NOT want to have one of these?

Fox Faces Socks by Nancy Bush
inpired by a local knitter whom i have not yet met IRL.

5th Avenue Infinity Scarf by Margaux Pena
because i haven’t tried moebius knitting yet, and i should.

Kalajoki by Tiina Seppala
simple. beautiful. love.

Hydrangea Hat by Christina Bowers
definitely needs to be knit in blue .


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