huff ‘n what?

maybe i should have explained that last post. you see last month i found a group on Ravelry (Ravelry link) that hosts a harry potter themed knitting/crochet challenge. it’s incredibly well structured and follows a school-like term set-up (a la Hogwarts). once accepted into Hogwarts, you get sorted into one of four houses (me = Hufflepuff!), and come the start of the term assignments are posted ~ you pick which assignment(s) you want to work on, which all have a theme/purpose to them, and you have one month to finish your homework (i.e. knit/crochet/create a finished object relating to the class you signed up for).  basically each student gets points for their house for starting/finishing their homework, there’s extra points available if you choose to do an O.W.L. (a larger or incredibly complex project), play quidditch (haven’t quite figured that one out yet), or going the extra mile in creativity on your projects (e.g. come up with an elaborate back-story for your project – harry potter-esque, of course). at the end of each term the house with the most points wins the cup and there are prizes!

okay. so that’s the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup in a nutshell. as you may have guessed, i went ahead and signed up for it. september 1st was officially the start of the fall 2010 term, and september’s assignments are already posted. homework is due by midnight PST. i’m still stuck on picking a Hufflepuff-y avatar, nevermind picking what class(es) i’ll be participating in… i do have good company for this, shall we say madness, though ~ Impossibly Alice and Where the Wool Things Are have both been scratching their heads as to what the heck we’ve all signed up for (some of the “students”/”staff” seem pretty hardcore into this, lol).

the procrastination ends now ~ i’m off to select my first fall term class!

ETA: classes chosen! i’m going for points in Transfiguration (Knit, crochet, weave, or felt an item which uses one or more buttons for closure. This means that both button(s) and buttonhole(s) will be present in your item), and Charms (A protective covering for an item of value. The item you are protecting from harm could be a laptop, money, jewelry, an iPod, a digital camera, a small child, a complete set of Addi Turbos, a pet, a beer, a brain (i.e. a hat), a torso, and so on).


3 thoughts on “huff ‘n what?

  1. Ohh…you can try to somehow make a story with the ipod case since there’s an owl on it! Tempted to make it but I’m already making booties for the protective item. Still contemplating my next item!

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