mind the gap {or, my life without cable television}

once again i have outright ignored my little blog, and once again i feel i owe it to my faithful readers to do the obligatory ‘catch up’ post that usually follows these lengthly absences.

so hello and thanks for visiting my tiny slice of the internet today! i’d like to promise you that i shan’t disappear again, but will not guarantee such a thing. let’s skip the small talk  and get right down to the nitty gritty…

on knitting
i see that i have not posted an FO since my Dad’s father’s day slippers. since then there have been three lovely little projects that have come off the needles.

up first we have one of two test knits i did for the wonderful Miss Jennifer (she tweets too!). this is my Portland Cowl (Ravelry link), knit with Cascade 220 Superwash.

secondly, i finally finished, blocked, and wove in the ends of my broken rib tank. i’m happy to say that it fits me!  oh the magic of blocking…
for this project i used a few balls of Patons Grace which i’d picked up on super-sale at my LYS last summer. i don’t normally like the feel of cotton, but this one’s not bad. (more of my thoughts on cotton yarn later…)

and lastly my second test knit:  Vuvuzela, again designed by the talented Jennifer Kelley (Ravelry link).

this hat was knit with Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash ~ the same yarn i used for my Owlings.

i’ve got one project on the go at the moment, and one more ready for cast-on. currently on the needles is a lace-y shoulderette shawl/scarf/wrap thingy that i’m knitting with 100% alpaca lace. as i began this project i wondered if i had ever actually finished a lace project using laceweight yarn.  the answer is no. oh sure i’ve started a few projects like this, but they’ve always ended up at the frogpond… i am determined to come out on top this time!

while knitting the lace-y shoulderette shawl/scarf/wrap thingy, i’ve come to discover a couple of stitch techniques that i rather dislike.  one being the ‘sssk’ (slip slip slip knit) – two stitches decreased. the other being a ‘sssk’ immediately following a ‘2 (or 3) into 9’ – this is where you knit 2 (or 3) together through the back loops, then without dropping the stitches you yarn over then knit through the same 2 (or 3) stitches again, 4 times. eventually you end up with 9 stitches on your needle. not my kind of fun.

on knit night
my new favourite LYS hosts a knit night every thursday*. i managed to drop in on the first such night, but i’ve been missing out ever since. last night i ventured down to the shop and i’m glad i did! met a few new knitterly folk, including one with whom i share a first name :) the shop owner tries to incorporate a theme each week, and last night’s was tapas – yum! there were also cupcakes and cakettes from the best little bakery in town. among the topics of our knit night discussions (did you know Jonathan Brandis committed suicide in 2003???), was what we should celebrate next week? well, i think we were all in agreement that an “all things kawaii” theme is in order. we also agreed that mobius cowls are all the rage right now, so we’d best jump on that bandwagon asap! and what better way to do so than with a mobius cowl knit-along. in keeping with our cutesy theme, we should probably stick to bubblegum pink yarns for our lovely cowls, don’t you think?  so here is my suggestion for the KAL pattern: the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf ~ pretty isn’t it? prettier in pink, no?
*next week’s knit night has been moved to tuesday august 3rd due to a venue rental

until next time…


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