fancy feet.

for father’s day i knit my dad another pair of checkerboard slippers. for some strange reason i thought that the last pair i knit him were done with bulky weight double-stranded yarn. so this time i thought i would do a single-stranded pair, hoping for a less poofy/more airy & lightweight slipper. turns out i knit the same version for both pairs – and in similar colours to boot! well i think he enjoys them both nonetheless. mental note: knit next pair with worsted weight yarn…

here’s the finished product:

it feels like all i’ve been knitting these days are projects destined for feet – socks, slippers, socks, (baby blanket), socks, slippers, slippers… so in an effort to knit something of a different nature, i combed through my ravelry stash/queue and decided to cast on for a summery cotton tank. it’s coming along nicely; just need to finish up the front, then join the back/front together and knit the neck/collar. hoping to finish this weekend…

then last weekend i took a dive into my stash closet as it was high time for some re-organizing of the chaos, and i found a few yarns that i had forgotten about. gotta love Ravelry for matching yarns to patterns!  made plans for two more projects: an ‘Echo Flower Shawl’ with some alpaca lace i bought last summer, and socks. yes i’m guilty, more socks – this spring i acquired some Dream In Color Smooshy in the Black Parade colourway, intending to use it for a pair of socks for my fiance. finally found a pattern i know he’ll love, Alice Bell’s ‘Boyfriend Socks’, cable-y delicious!

and last but not least i’m in the process of knitting my very first test knit! again, gotta love Ravelry and Twitter… saw a beautiful set of FOs by jaykayknits on Ravelry, then noticed a tweet about looking for test knitters. well i quickly answered her call and have cast on for her Portland Cowl in a deep purple shade of Cascade 220 Superwash. i’ll be sure to post pictures when i’m finished!


One thought on “fancy feet.

  1. Hi, I’d like to know what’s the name of the knitting stich you use for those slippers? Here ( in Québec) we call it Blé d’inde, but I don’t know the equivalent in english and would like to find a tutorial on youtube or something. Thanks a lot! BTW, those are beautiful sleepers! (I love blue :))

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