birthday kicks.

after the one year and four month best baby blanket fiasco, i yearned for a considerably more simple knit project.  one that didn’t require new stash. something quick. and something for me (i am, after all, a self-proclaimed selfish knitter…for the most part).  thought about knitting socks for my man, but still haven’t found ‘the perfect pattern’ for him. thought about knitting socks for myself, however that probably would have resulted in me buying new yarn – and lord knows there’s more than enough yarn-yardage jammed into my storage closet!  so i opted to choose a pattern that was on my knit-list from a while back:  mary jane slippers.  they seemed to fit the bill with my earlier mentioned knitting prerequisites.  and did they ever:

i’m loving my new summer indoor kicks. it was fun selecting which yarns and what colour combo to use for them – this project is a super way to use up odds and ends of leftover yarns.  i can’t wait to knit more!  picking up stitches was a pain in the butt (to me), but i loved working the attached i-cord. and i certainly don’t want to take them off my feet, lol.

and now for the good stuff.

you may have already seen my excited tweets and facebook statuses, but to me, this news is worth sharing again and again.  my dad’s been through a pretty rough round of scans, tests, surgeries and treatments since december 2008. well i’m happy, elated, ecstatic, delighted, jubilant and oh so proud to say that his last PET scan came back clear.  my dad is cancer free!  it’s the most amazing news and every time i think about it my eyes fill up with tears of joy.  when he went for the scan, i prayed that the cancer would have regressed from his last round of chemotherapy treatment. in the back of my mind i feared the worst; that either it hadn’t changed at all, or that it had become more invasive. it was an awful feeling, and i can’t imagine how anxious and stressed he and my mom must have been too as we all waited for the results. never did i dream that it would be 100% gone! cancer free! obviously he’ll still have to go for follow up scans every now and again and there are a couple of sacrifices he had to make along this path, but this outcome is so worth it. so so worth it! i’m literally beaming over here :)

that in itself is the best best BEST birthday gift a girl could hope for.


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