late to the party.

a little over one year ago i set out with good intentions, to knit my future nephew (at the time i didn’t know whether it would be a niece or nephew) a baby blanket. i stumbled upon and immediately fell in love with the baby chalice blanket pattern. it was a disaster. there ended up being no hand-knit gifties for that big bouncing baby boy – so sad.

earlier this year one of my local knitter pals posted about her first baby blanket FO – it was the baby chalice blanket. her beautiful blanket has once again lit a spark in me. gosh darn it, i really need to conquer this wonderful project!

so i cast on. and i frogged. and i cast on. and i frogged. why oh why was i having such a hard time keeping the right stitch count??? well paying attention to your pattern helps (who would’ve thunk it). cast on numero trois was slightly more successful than it’s predecessors. sure there were numerous tinking sessions in the first few inches, but i’m now 4.5 pattern repeats in and – AND – the last two repeats have been knit tink-free! i’m feeling quite chuffed with myself right about now.

it appears as though i may actually finish this project this time!

now the only question is…what baby will be the lucky recipient when it’s done?


3 thoughts on “late to the party.

  1. yay, thanks girls!

    mariver – you should make a matching blanket for the sweet lil sweater you just knit :)

    esther – TOTALLY worth every ounce of my prior frustrations. i want to knit scads of these blankets now, lol.

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