sock it to me.

more socks to show and tell.  for mother’s day i knit my momma a pair of socks.  having loved cookie a’s kai-mei pattern from sock innovations so much i wanted to make another pair from the same book.

april 26th: enter glynis.  glynis looked pretty in the book.  glynis looked pretty easy in the book. glynis seemed like a pretty good choice.  glynis, after 2 false starts due to lack of focus, knit up really quick until i tried her on about halfway through knitting the foot. glynis was frogged.

that was may 1st. mother’s day 2010 was may 9th. this left me with no time to dilly-dally. selected angee as glynis’ replacement. angee was much nicer to me. i finished sock #1 in 4 days, leaving me with 4 or 5 more days to get #2 done.  my work schedule was a bit loopy last week, so knitting productivity was not so, er…productive.  alas i was able to finish the pair at a convenient time – one day past mother’s day – and as it so happened, i was seeing my momma that evening for a theater date, so things worked out after all.  i think she liked them.  although there seemed to be some confusion as to whether they were socks or hand puppets…

and now i’m free to knit whatever i want. problem is, i really don’t know what to cast on! there’s just far too many great patterns available – which is a wonderful thing, really.  so i’ve opted to give the baby chalice blanket another go.  not that i know anyone who would benefit from a baby blanket…(or do i?) but it seems like the right project at the moment. only thing is, since i’ve been knitting on needles no bigger than 4.5mm in the last few months, the 6mm the pattern calls for make me feel like i’m knitting with batons, lol.  maybe i can downsize the needles and add in a few more lace repeats so it feels more comfortable for me :)


2 thoughts on “sock it to me.

  1. yay! baby chalice is great, once you get into the groove. i’m pretty sure i used smaller needles too. (altho the lace holes were still quite large, babies fingers apparently do get stuck in them). all the best!

    • oh yes Esther, i fell in love with the pattern the moment i came across it on Ravelry – and tried tried tried as i might to knit it last year. apparently i just need to pay attention as this time it’s coming along much nicer :)

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