new socks, new shop.

new favourite socks! and i think i mean it this time (but don’t hold me to that…)
finally knit a pattern from cookie a.’s book “sock innovation”.  i chose “kai-mei” – lots of k3p3 ribbing involved, but the resulting socks are worth it!   used a new yarn (at least it was new to me) from fleece artist, trail socks, and the yarn gets two thumbs up too. these socks are an all-around win. sure it took me 4 weeks to make the darn things…but i’m loving every minute of them now!  i swear, hand-knit socks are the cat’s pyjamas. they’re the bee’s knees. and all that kinda jazz.

something else that’s super cool? a new yarn shop opened this week in my city – where the wool things are.  so happy! i even had the joy of being the shop’s first customer, woo hoo. yay for yarn shops!


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