attention knitters: advice please!

I’d like to knit Fargyles from Knitty (Winter 2008) – which look easy enough.  The issue I’m having is that I want to use a sport weight yarn (Mirasol Chirapa).

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn and 3.75mm (US5) needles.

I’m wondering what you think would happen if i go down to 3mm (US2.5) or smaller needles, and cast on a full extra pattern repeat (i.e. 23 additional stitches)?

Smart cookie or stupid idea?
I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around the resulting sock…taking into consideration the heel and toe too…



4 thoughts on “attention knitters: advice please!

  1. What beentsy said. The only way the pattern would be centred over the top of your foot is if you re-jigged the heel/to to start at the middle of one repeat and finish in the middle of the next.

    Assuming of course that you got a guage that didn’t result in fabric that would stop bullets.

    I know you don’t want to hear this… but you will have to swatch to know for sure.

  2. I think if you go down a needle size, you’re going to get a pretty dense fabric. I hate to say it, but try a swatch first- who knows, you might not even have to change anything. Just give it a try first.

  3. the dreaded swatch, lol – yes i figured this would be my best way to “gauge” how to proceed… thanks ladies, your words of wisdom are most appreciated!

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