who-who woo-hoo.

feeling inspired by the spring-like weather we’ve been having lately, i thought i’d treat myself to a new pair of fingerless mitts to replace the full mittens i’d been making use of all winter.  had been wanting to knit something with the ever popular owl motif that exploded on to the scene about a year ago.  would really like to make the sweater, but for now i’ve managed to satisfy my craving with a much smaller, faster project. (oh and btw it snowed last night, so i guess we’re not done with winter after all?  boourns.)
{owlings by kerrie james}

today i have the biggest, silliest grin on my face.  you see last night i sent my mom (she tweets!) on a date with two of her sisters and a dear friend to see ‘girls only: the secret comedy of women‘. it’s been playing in our fair city for the last couple of weeks to sold out audiences.  i thought she might like a fun and easy night out with the girls. well according to my dad, they had a helluva good time laughing the night away.  i hear there was something about ‘homemade swiffers’ involved…interesting.  so the silly smiley face i’m wearing today is in anticipation of hearing all about their evening.  apparently one of my auntie’s was singled out for one of the audience participation moments – hee hee!  can’t wait for easter dinner tonight so i can be filled in on all the fun (and filled up with amazing food!).

speaking of amazing…
thanks to twitter i stumbled upon this recipe a few weeks ago – mini egg shortbread cookies – um yeah, there was no question about whether i would bake these or not.
shortbread = awesome.
mini eggs = awesome.
mini eggs + shortbread = awesomest.
and are they ever awesome. highly recommend giving these a go;
so easy and so delish.

so now i’m taking it easy for a bit; got my cuppa joe, a cookie, and my knitting to pass the time before the easter dining festivities begin.  i’m working on a cookie a sock pattern, my first from her latest book ‘sock innovation’. i chose ‘kai mai’ and so far, so good – managed to survive the 6.5 inches of k3p3 ribbing, turned the heel, shaped the gusset, and now on to the foot & toe.

(and omg i am having two huge family turkey dinners, back to back – tonight and tomorrow. lord have mercy. where’re my turkey pants at?!!)


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