off, off, and on.

i have a new favourite pair of socks!
(anniversary socks by nancy bush)

when i was knitting them it sure didn’t feel like we had a connection.  might’ve had something to do with the yarn and the fact that i’d previously attempted a couple of other patterns with it which just didn’t work out.  yet even as i was knitting these anniversary socks, i was less than impressed.  then the first sock came off the needles and i slipped it on.  it was like a match made in heaven!  these socks started out as part of the ravelry group ‘sock knitters anonymous’ january sockdown challenge.  then the ravelympics happened (and to be fair, the wip chemistry just wasn’t 100% as i just mentioned).  when i finally picked them back up in march there was more of an urgency to finish them. i just wanted to finish them. and boy am i glad i did! never want to take them off :)

keeping with that momentum, i hauled out my fourth (and yet unfinished) ravelympics project, the olympic saroyan. when it was cast-on on february 26th i got a nice chunk done.  after the olympic closing ceremonies i stopped knitting on it, feeling defeated.
(this is where the aforementioned socks came in)
(saroyan by liz abinante)

managed to bang out the remaining pattern repeats and bound off last night during LOST (man i love/hate that show, keeps my mind running wild with theories about that darn island). haven’t figured out what to do with this 100% supersoft sage green alpaca scarf just yet. had someone in mind before it was cast on, then changed what yarn i was using, thought i might keep it for myself, and now am back on the gift train.

so after finishing the saroyan scarf, i immediately cast on for a pair of fingerless mittens.
(owlings by kerrie james)

you know, because before i went to bed there was no snow on the ground, and spring was in the air.  this morning i woke up to snow, boourns.  oh well, maybe by the time these owlings are ready to take flight, fingerless mittens will be a feasible fashion choice again…


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