i am a ravthlete.

yup, that i am. tomorrow the 2010 winter olympics kick off in van city, and as soon as that giant torch is lit there will be thousands (and thousands!) of knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers, and fiber artists of all kinds busting out of the starting gate.  it’ll be a mad dash for the finish line, yarn & needles flying everywhere.  i cannot wait.  myself, i’ve entered 3 separate projects in the ‘competition’:

chevalier mittens – qualifies for the ‘mitten moguls’, ‘cable cross country’, and ‘stash compulsory dance’ events (stash being that of which i’ve had in my possession for well over 1 year). it will be my fourth time knitting this pattern – love it, no end in sight!

knotty but nice hat – qualifies for the ‘hat halfpipe’, and ‘cable cross country’ events

saroyan scarf – qualifies for the ‘scarf super-g’, ‘lace luge’, and ‘stash compulsory’ events

and! how totally awesome is it that each of these fantastical projects will be gifted once they’re done?  what lucky people they are – and they don’t even know it yet, they’re all surprise knits.  okay maybe not so much of a surprise now that it’s been blogged about, but i haven’t named any names yet, now have i?  we’ll all just have to wait and see…

happy knitting everyone!
and good luck to all my fellow ravthletes!
especially TEAM CANADA 2010!


One thought on “i am a ravthlete.

  1. Roll on Knitting Olympics and Ravlympics. And that other olympics too. (Said in the same tone as to Cindy Clausson in the pre-Olympics McDonalds commerical.)

    Myself, I have started a mitred square blanket.
    I’m not too sure what categories it fits into. It’s for Charity Curling, and Stash Compulsory and whatever it is for blankets.
    (And I have a BSJ pattern on reserve in case I finish the blanket. Another Stash Compulsory item, as well as Junior Olympics, and whatever class a sweater fits into.)

    But, sad to say, I’ve had equipment failure.
    I lost a knitting needle while out of town (70 km/100 miles away from home). It somehow transported itself out of the knitting bag it was in, in the backseat of the car.
    Perhaps there should be more security for us Olympic Knitters? The only way it could have escaped was if a competing knitter happened upon the parked car and removed the needle for their own nefarious purposes.
    (Mind you – I haven’t figured out how that person got into a locked car. But a person breaking in is the only way a knitting needle could get OUT.)
    The plastic needles I found of the same size, when I got home, are not eating up the miles of garter stitch like my beloved Boyes needles did. Sigh.

    Then, for the past three days I have been suffering from “something” – my doctors are not sure if it is bursitis of my hip or sacroiliac pain. Or maybe siatica. It is not easy to knit (nor is it easy to knit quickly) when trying to find a comfortable position in which to sit or stand.

    I refused medication when offered – after all, winning at the Olympics incurs automatic blood testing for banned substances, right?
    (More seriously, if the two doctors cannot figure out what is causing the pain what the heck are they able to give me to stop it.)

    I am a member of the Amazing (or is it Astounding?) Dartmouth Knitters group.
    I will have to relay this sad tale to them when I can find them again. (Ravelry and I do not see eye-to-eye – meaning I cannot find my way around the ravelry.com site without a pile of luck.)

    Best of luck on your knitting events.
    Happy knitting,

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