hey ma, look what i can do!

shh, don’t tell dad – it’s a surprise!

i finally (FINALLY!) wrapped my noggin around this silly slipper pattern.  took me 5 years of knitting to ‘get it’, but i finally (FINALLY!) get it.  and it’s so darn easy! can’t believe it had me stumped for as long as it did.  oh well, all that matters is now, right?


2 thoughts on “hey ma, look what i can do!

  1. I would love if you could do a tutorial on this pattern. I myself am having a rough time grasping this pattern. While my uncles mother can make these slippers I won’t be able to see her again until Christmas (which puts a dent in my slippers and gifts plan).

  2. Could you help me find a copy of this pattern? I have a friend that needs these slippers for a 4 year old that won’t wear socks but she has a pair someone gave her and she has worn them out. the wool works link seems to be broken.

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