wednesday’s words.

i’ve got knitting on my mind.

been thinking about:
a) Ravelympics 2010 (go Team Canada!).
b) casting on for a new sweater.
c)  adhering to another year of a (somewhat) strict yarn diet/stashdown.
d) socks, socks, and more socks!

thoughts in detail:
a) would ideally like to finish 3 projects. actual projects still tbd, but am leaning towards:
mary jane slippers
– cabled beret
lettuce vine cowl

b) also in february i’d love to start on my second adult-sized sweater.  can you guess which pattern i’ve got in mind?  hints: i’ll be knitting it in february.  it’s for a lady.  it is a sweater.  got it yet?  wait for it… yep i want to give the oh-so-popular february lady sweater a go :)  just need to decide on a cheaper, locally found yarn to use – suggestions?

c) in my eyes i was pretty good in 2009 at not succumbing to every sale at my two LYS’s.  in fact i do believe i did a fairly excellent job overall in resisting stash-enrichment temptations last year.  for 2010, i hope to keep up the ‘good girl’ routine – of course, there will be the occasional reward allowed every now and then…

d) handknit socks are great.  period.  thus, more must be  knit!  i’ve got plans to participate in as many 2010 sockdown challenges (ravelry link) as i can; or at least as many which include challenges of interest to me – starting with january.  this month’s sockdown includes patterns designed by nancy bush; so i’m casting on for a pair of anniversary socks, knit with panda silk in a light silvery blue colourway.


4 thoughts on “wednesday’s words.

  1. Aaaah all of those projects seem so dreamy! All I want to do is knit and watch movies, but my arm needs a bit of a rest for a day. Good luck!

  2. I must get back to knitting socks. I went through a phase last year of knitting them constantly but I got out of the habbit and now I need some more, must go dig through my sock yarn stash and get knitting.

  3. I’m slowly plugging away on a feb lady sweater myself. I’m using Malabrigo. Highly recommend it. Makes the garter stitch yoke not seem to boring to knit :) (just don’t make it pale blue… then we’d have identical sweaters!)

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