no pretty pictures.

just needing to point out a few faves that have been sitting around in my Ravelry queue – some new additions & some that are much older… with over 12 pages of patterns saved (not to mention 396 patterns faved!), i kinda wanted to make note of ones that should be kept at the forefront of my knitting radar.

okay so this was definitely more than ‘a few faves’.  now that i’ve got them in front of me, it’s going to be tough to decide what to knit next.  and the even tougher part will be trying to knit from my stash (Ravelry link), while abstaining from further s.e.x.  there are also waaaaaaaaay too many sock patterns in my queue – so many in fact that i could not bear to pick even one that stood out for me, hah.  and sweaters, sweaters galore.  (note to self: must finish CPH ASAP so knitted-sweater confidence is boosted).

which future project(s) are you excited about casting on for?


2 thoughts on “no pretty pictures.

  1. You have some very good choices, there.

    I’m very excited about a new pattern being released by Schoolhouse Press this fall. It’s based on a sweater EZ knit about 50 years ago. It’s gorgeous. There’s a story about it on the Twist Collective site.

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