one month later.

we’re all moved into the new pad.  moving sucks regardless, doesn’t matter if your new address is 2 provinces away, 2 miles away, 2 streets away or in our case 2 floors away from your old place.  there are still boxes scattered throughout the suite, the contents just waiting for their turn at being introduced to our new home.  in due time…

needless to say knitting has sort of taken a backseat to all the cleaning/packing/cleaning/moving/cleaning/unpacking of late.  however i do have some updates for show and tell.

first up, and the oldest of my current wips, we have the central park hoodie.  nothing to show or tell here.  it’s been stagnant at 80% complete for weeks.  now that it’s almost fall i plan to haul it out of temporary hibernation, finish up the hood, and sew it all together (ugh!).
the next item in my wips basket are my cookie a’s summer sox, knit with mmmalabrigo sock – so yum!  these little babies are sitting at about 70% done.

(it sure doesn't feel like) summer soxmal sock is an absolute dream to work with – well worth the hard earned bucks i shelled out for it.  hope to stash more of this stuff in the near future (merry christmas, anyone? anyone? -> HINT HINT).  sock numero deux should be finished by the time autumn actually rolls around.  just in time to keep my tootsies toasty!

moving on, we have two igk installments (‘igk’ meaning ‘i’nstant ‘g’ratification ‘k’nits), a dishcloth and a headband.  the dishcloth was a cute little pattern i found on the ‘newly added patterns’ on ravelry – a triangles dishcloth by tera johnson.  as it happens this cloth is currently mia; i was looking for it tonight as i gathered what little knitterly evidence i had accumulated over the last month.  guess i’ll stumble upon it amongst all the unpacked boxes when i get to those, haha!

the second IGK work was a cute headband, the pattern of which (again) i stumbled upon whilst browsing ravelry one night.  i used some leftover sock yarn to knit up this little gem.

last but not least i needed to fulfill a neckscarf/kerchief/thingamabobber craving.  ever since knitting springtime bandit and the ever-so-popular ishbel, i’ve just wanted more and more of these types of scarves.  so the noro kureyon sock that at one time was being knit into a lace ribbon scarf, is now in the works to becoming a waves of leaves shawl by ijeomo olou.
waves of noroseems like forever ago that i cast this one on, but it’s only been since august 20th.  although i suppose that is almost one month… i did however have to frog & restart this pattern as i had neglected to mark down where i’d last left off – whoops! – so then i picked up where i thought i had last knit, which amazingly was right, and proceeded to majorly eff up that row.  at that point i decided it’d be easier just to rip it back and start over.

and that concludes tonight’s blogging!  now i’m off to finish up some laundry and then off to eat some popcorn.  i mean see a movie :)


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