one hundred and sixty four.

yes indeedy it’s time to start planning for your 2009 holiday knit list!  i dunno about you but for the past couple of weeks while cruising ravelry’s newly added patterns i’ve been eyeing the potential projects not only for me, but for what i might want to knit as christmas gifts this year.  one thing i definitely want to do this year is knit each of my nieces and nephews a stocking (so technically that’s five things, hah!).

ideally i’d love it if people came right out and requested hand-knit items.  but that’s not usually how it goes, so us knitters are left with the task of choosing the pattern, choosing the yarn, choosing the colour(s), guessing the size, casting on, frogging back, casting on again, scrapping one project for another, and so on and so on and so on.  so hey i’m gonna go ahead put it out there:  if you’re reading this and you usually get a gift from me, why not drop me a line and help a sister out?  just sayin’…

there’s tons of options to choose from!  socks, scarves, wraps, shawls, mitts, toques, dishclothes, pillowcases, toys, baby/toddler knits, berets, market bags, shrugs, cowls, legwarmers, slippers – is that enough for you? cause there’s probably way more that i’m forgetting to mention!!

i think my plan for this year will be to just knit away at patterns that i really want to try, use up all kinds of different yarns from my stash and hope that the resulting finished objects are suitable for everyone on my list.  that way i’m not pressuring myself to ‘knit such-and-such for so-and-so by xx-date’.  makes for more enjoyable knitting, doesn’t it?  and if it doesn’t work out that everyone gets something, then i still had fun creating the item and chances are someone will claim it/them.

in the meantime, i really need to finish up my sweater. not that i’ll be wearing it anytime soon, but you know.  and tonight?  there’s just enough hours left in the day to complete my pair of ‘hospital socks’ (the waving lace pattern from favorite socks).

happy knitting!


2 thoughts on “one hundred and sixty four.

  1. This is the same technique I use. I simply find a nice “gifty” project, cast on when I feel like it and when it is done put it away. Then near Christmas I pull out what I have done and then allocate them. If there aren’t enough done, I simply buy the rest of the presents. This means that different people get hand made presents each year, so they don’t all take it for granted. Plus it takes the pressure off me.

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