flourescent pineapples.

i’ve been a bad blogger.

of course there’s a reason for that.  just a little over two weeks ago my dad underwent a pretty major surgery and his seven day hospital stay ended up turning into fourteen.  he’s out now so he and mom have escaped to their second home at ‘the lake’.

at the same time, and to make things even more (dis)fun(ctional), mister random and i got a call from our caretaker that a bigger suite was opening up in our complex so we had to scramble to get our applications in.  i’m happy to report that the bigger suite is ours (yes!) however this brings us to the (dis)fun(ctional) part – subletting.  this past week has been a flurry of faces and bodies poking around our humble little abode, nonstop questions, neverending emails, i’m pretty sure i saw smoke coming out of the telephone handset… let’s just say i’m thankful to not have a job in real estate. too demanding! and some people just suck – seriously. cross your fingers for us that someone gets approved, and fast!

knitting seems to have fallen off the radar lately.  while dad was in the hospital i did manage to bang out a sock:
fancy schmancy hospital photoshoot.but i seem to have hit a wall with my central park hoodie though. the sleeves are more than halfway done and i just can’t bring myself to finish them off.  it’s probably the thought of having to do all that seaming afterwards…*shudder*

had planned on reuniting with my stitch ‘n bitch girls this week, however as you’ve already heard i was tied up playing realtor instead.  next week marks the start of the (dreaded) winnipeg fringe theatre festival so who knows when i’ll ever see the light of day again…haha.

viewing time is over for today and mister random’s out playing with his friends tonight so i’ve got the place to myself. maybe i can conjure up some of that lost knitting mojo and finish off my sleeves.  or get the leg done on my second sock. or zzzzzzzzz………..

it’s pyjama time folks, ahhh.


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