smile on the outside.

somedays the past six months have seemed to fly by in a blur. other days it feels like they’ve dragged on forever. finding out that my Dad has cancer definitely threw me for a loop. what fragile lives we lead.
tomorrow is my Dad’s surgery, the start of a new chapter. i’d be lying if i told you i wasn’t scared. petrified is probably a better word for it.
but i smile on the outside.
try to occupy my mind with fun, carefree times with family, loved ones. tackle a new knitting project. escape reality for a while with a good book.  watch episodes of Wipeout over and over again. discover a new favourite drink at Starbucks, new wines to enjoy, new ice cream flavours to indulge in. getting better at my golf game. watch even more golf on tv.
keep smiling. stay positive.


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