shrug it off.

I think I’m ready to knit my first adult-sized article of clothing.

And I think I’ve decided to go with the Dream in Color Shrug.  With Dream in Color Classy – Dusky Aurora; it’s in my stash.

Here’s my quandary:  having attempted to use the DiC for a Big Bad Baby Blanket, I discovered the not-so-subtle variance between skeins of the same dyelot.

What’s my best plan of action for this shrug then?  The pattern uses two skeins of DiC, and I certainly don’t want to have one half a different colour than the other. 

Is it wise to alternate between skeins every 2 rows?  4 rows?  Every other row?


7 thoughts on “shrug it off.

  1. If you alternate every 2, you’ll barely notice the difference in colors. If you alternate every 4 or more, you’ll have very subtle stripes, which could also be kinda cool. I’d say swatch it, and see which you prefer!

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