doctor doctor, gimme the news.

I’ve gotta bad case of…


Or so it seems that way.  It could also be cast-on-itis, which I’ve heard is a startitis’ twin sister.  Either way, I’ve cast on two projects in the last two days:

It appears as though I have a hankering for a new scarf/mini shawl…

But it doesn’t stop there.

Startitis is a bitch.  See, casting on those two items has not sated my appetite.  I still want more!  I don’t want to jinx it but it feels like warmer weather is finally upon us, and what do I want to do?  Knit a sweater.  Yep – I’m feeling the urge to cast on for attempt #2 of a Central Park Hoodie…using 100% wool.  WTF?

And a shrug.  I want to start a shrug.  Which would be so much more appropriate for the coming season.  Not sure which pattern though.  Either this one or the Dream in Color Shrug.

Last week when I was debating what to cast-on, someone had suggested socks.  At the time I was adamant that no, I did not want to start another pair of socks.  Well that seems to have changed.  Because even though I have two beautiful scarves on the needles, and crazy thoughts of making my very first adult-sized sweater – and/or shrug(s)! – I now crave sock knitting.  Again, WTF?  In this case, I don’t even have a pattern in mind!  Probably something from my Favorite Socks book.  The cover socks maybe?

Clearly I’ve gone mad.


2 thoughts on “doctor doctor, gimme the news.

  1. I can understand your Start-itis: sooo many wonderful knits! Going through each of them, I can’t decide which one you should do either! xD

    That Debbie Bliss shrug has been taunting me for who knows how long. It’s one of the most beautiful shrugs I’ve ever seen. But that Dream In Color one is SUPER cute. It might be a bit too difficult for me, but might not be for you.

    And then both of those shawls are perfect. I say do the shawls! I’ve never knitted a shawl before (I never knew how to wear one) but a gal on Rav posted how she wore hers and now I’m all gung-ho and ready to knit one. Personally, I’d do the Springtime Bandit (but that’s only because I’m short on cash and can’t buy Ishbel *sobs*).

    Thanks for posting on my blog! Have a great Monday!!

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