Oh dear, I’ve gone and gotten myself into yet another social media obsession.  As if trying to stay current with happenings on Ravelry, Facebook, Google Reader, and Flickr weren’t enough to keep me busy – now I’m tweeting too.  Actually, I’m tweeting again.  I’d already discovered the world of Twitter back in November.  Became disenchanted with it rather quickly back then.  But I came crawling back, like a true junkie, and now I can’t seem to pull myself away!  Gah.  There’s scads of knitterly folk on there too, which is superawesome.
You can follow me here.
Do it.  But be warned:  it gets addicting.  Trust me.

Yesterday was a good day.  A much needed ‘mental health’ kinda day.  Work’s been kinda cruddy lately, and I haven’t felt much like socializing.  Feel like a turtle hiding in my shell, too scared to poke my head out in case anything else bad decides to come my way… That said, I really miss my SnB girls.  Once again, it’s been too long :(

So yesterday I got up for work, showered and realized that I’d emotionally hit a wall.  I called in sick (like I said, it was a ‘mental health’ day) and spent most of the morning doing laundry & knitting.  (And tweeting…)  My man got off work early and we decided to visit the big box furniture store where we bought our dinette set to exchange the one dud chair that came with ours.  Ready for a fight, we were.  Happily, the exchange was hassle free.

This excites me.

 Dinner consisted of teryaki pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus with garlic, and mushroom risotto.  Yum.  And we sat at the table = DOUBLE YAY.  In hindsight I should have photographed the ocassion…

Then it was off for a round of mini golf!  Gotta practice put-putting; soon enough it’ll be time to hit the real greens.

Came home and watched the all new epi of LOST – whoa nelly, this season’s been fan-fucking-tastic so far.  Like really really.

Oooh on Monday we welcomed a new member into our little family:  a nephew, Tyler David.  He’s the one I’ve been knitting that baby blanket for.  Speaking of that baby blanket…
WIP:big bad baby blanket Oh lord it’s not getting anywhere fast.  I’m probably only about 1/3 of the way finished.  Yeesh.  It’s all Twitter’s fault.  I’d better get back to myTwitting…I mean knitting, now.


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