spring ahead. (spring? what spring!?)

Lost an hour today.  Thank you Daylight Savings Time.  Grr, I want my hour back!  That hour could have been filled with some seriously productive knitting you know.  Now it’s lost forever.  Well at least until the fall…

What’s been happening this week?  Lots and not much, depending on how you look at it.  Dad started his cancer treatments this past Tuesday.  This is both scary & exciting.  Mostly feeling hopeful though.   He goes for radiation therapy 5 days/week and has chemo once per week.  The chemo is being administered 24/7 via a fluid pack, so the weekly appointments are to “filler up”, so to speak.  He continues to have an amazing attitude about all this and it’s also quite cute as he seems to worry more about his loved ones (especially you, Mom) than himself.  These intense treatments will continue for approximately the next 5 weeks or so.  The next step will be to analyze the tumour (shrink you filthy bastard!) and plan for surgery.  It’s a long process.

Not much has been done knitting-wise.  The week started out great with me finishing my Sockdown: January! challenge (knit any pattern that uses the technique of beaded knitting OR any pattern from an online knitting magazine such as KnittyThe Anticraft or Knotions OR the Mystery Sock designed by SKA mod, Emm1e).  I chose to knit Pomatomus from the Winter 2005 Knitty:I like Hip'Pomatomus'Used Noro Silk Garden Sock.  I like them, but they’re not my favourite socks.  Still they do the job of keeping my tootsies warm while the weather’s still on the chilly side here in Winterpeg.

Feeling good after qualifying for January’s prize draw (even though the random number generator did not choose me – boo hoo), I immediately cast on for my second attmept at the February Sockdown challenge (knit a sock for a cause or knit a sock utilizing the entrelac technique or a sock designed by Gigi Silva or our SURPRISE designer– Chrissy Gardiner) – my Fawkes Socks.  Somehow I managed to out-do myself and knit half a sock in one day!
WIP: Fawkes Socks…And this is where the action ended.  Since last Sunday I haven’t even looked at this project.  Wanna know why?

Malabrigo March 2009 happened.  And who in their right mind can resist knitting with that goodness?  Not me, that’s for sure.  Made a couple of iPod Socks to start off:his & hers iPod Sock(s)One for me and one for him!  So soft…

Next up for my Malabrigo March contributions was a Meret (beret).  Let’s take a look at what it looks like so far:Meret? Yeah… Not looking like a whole lot right now, is it?

That’s sorta when this week of knitting fizzled out.  It got even better (note sarcasm) when I picked up my Baby Chalice Blanket and proceeded to make numerous errors.  After trying to rip back a little bit to fix them, I ended up frogging the whole darn thing.  Thankfully I was only one repeat in, but having to start over again still puts more of a time crunch on things.  As it stands now I’m just about caught up to where I was when I frogged.  Problem is, now this blanket feels like a chore!  On the plus side, my desire to see the finished product will keep me going.  And another plus?  I contacted the designer to see if she’d charted the pattern.  She hadn’t but mentioned that she would take a look at how to chart it and get back to me!  So exciting.  Not sure about you, but I find knitting lace from a chart slightly easier than reading from a written pattern.  Either way, it’s a beautiful pattern and like I said, I cannot wait to see the end result.

So on the knit-agenda today?  Pump out a few more rows on the blanket & cast on for the Meret.  The beret will probably win my affections and that’s okay, so long as progress is made on something, lol.

ZOMG!  I almost forgot to mention two things that are currently making me uber-happy…  1)  America’s Best Dance Crew – ABDC3 marathon on today!  Season finale tonight:  Quest Crew vs. Beat Freaks.  I’m torn!  They’re both freaking fantastic.  2)  THE CHAIRS ARE ASSEMBLED AND HAVE SEAT CUSHIONS!  Finally!!  Except we had one dud, where the screws wouldn’t catch.  Oh vell, three out of four ain’t bad.  We’ll just be taking a trip back to the store for a replacement.  No biggie.  BUT I HAVE CHAIRS!  Wheeee….


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