To do:

get up (which happened far too early, btw)
usual weekend morning interweb surfing (time wasting)
eat breakfast 
make tea
get back on web for a few more minutes while tea steeps
cue up VCR for mister random’s football match (that’s EPL soccer, fyi)
re: Sockdown! January –> finish sock #2 for my ‘I like Hip’Pomatomus’ socks before midnight PST Feb 28/09 (just need to knit the foot…oh so close)
re: Sockdown! February –> cast on sock #1 for my ‘Fawkes socks’, take photo and post to group page (again, by midnight PST Feb 28/09)
gather & organize 2008 income tax papers
re-stock shelves & fridge with things other than the condiments that are currently present
what’s for dinner?
finish watching the last 45 minutes of W. 
assemble dining room seat chairs…still!  Good lord, we just need to screw on the dang seat cushions.  Why have we procrastinated so long???
– more zzz’s


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