the ‘sunday tea & toast’ post.

Move along.  There’s nothing to see here.

Seriously.  I have nothing to show you today.  What I should be doing is knitting.  Instead I’m here to tell you about the lack of knitting that’s been happening.

Sockdown! January – my I Like Hip-Pomatomus’ socks are due by next Saturday.  Will be starting the second sock today.  Highly unlikely that I will meet this deadline.
Baby Chalice Blanket – due by March 16th.  Haven’t even finished the first pattern repeat…  Not feeling the pressure so much on this one though.  It may be a few days late.
Sockdown! February (1) – the heart-shaped socks which I had intended on finishing for Feb 14th (what was I smoking when I gave myself that deadline!?) are now on the back burner.  They will not be done before the Sockdown! finish date of March 31st.  I will not even attempt this.
Sockdown! February (2) – have not been cast on yet.  Making Fawkes socks; these must be cast on by Feb 28th and finished before Mar 31st.  I will do this.  I will.  I’m probably crazy to, but I will.

And that’s it for time-sensitive knitting.  There’s still my Seascape Stole and Lace Ribbon Scarf to work on too, but clearly I’m in no rush.  They’ll get done…eventually ;)

Is it bad that I’m already planning out my entry for the March Sockdown challenge?  Probably.

In other news…
-Yesterday my fiance and I hauled a few large bags of old clothes down to the VV boutique (that’s Value Village to those who don’t know).  Cleared up a nice chunk of space in our bedroom.  That felt good.

-Had to buy a new winter jacket, since the old one decided to commit zipper suicide the other day.

-Dad had a minor surgery last week in preparation of his upcoming battle.  (He has cancer; I don’t think I’ve ever come right out and said that to you.) He is now armed and ready.  To quote a dear friend: “It’ll be a rough road, but your dad’s driving a truck“.  We will conquer!   Wish him luck.  

-I still have a beautiful new (and yet unused!) table in my dining room.  Are the seat cushions on?  Nope.  Do we have access to a drill?  Yep.  Will it get done today?  I sure as heck hope so.  (Sorry we’re taking so long ND!!!)


-Thinking ’bout Rusty.  We still have a lot of his stuff sitting out in our bedroom.  Went to move some of it around (now that the large bags of unused clothes are gone!) and I thought ‘why is this litter pan so heavy?’.  Yeah, that’s because there’s still litter in it (clean litter!  I was a good momma and cleaned it after every use).  It’s been just over one year since we lost our furbaby.  So today, after my sunday chores, it’s time to deal with that task.


4 thoughts on “the ‘sunday tea & toast’ post.

  1. Wishing your father the best of luck, strength all the support he needs to get through the upcoming surgery.

    I think you can cut yourself a little slack on the knitting front. Remember this is meant to be a fun hobby. Mind you I do the same. I enter into things that are time sensitive because it sounds like fun, then get in a panic cos I’ve got too much to do. Why do we do this to ourselves??

    It certainly sounds like you have been busy even if you haven’t been knitting. Well done you at getting chores done :o)

  2. Thank you for your positive thoughts.

    It’s true, we knitters do enjoy a challenge don’t we :) Even when it makes us crazy. It’s a journey. And (almost) always worth it for the end result!


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