swimming against the current(s).

Please excuse my absence this week – I’d thought about blogging at least once or twice, but just couldn’t bring myself to actually sit down and start banging out words on the ol’ keyboard.

Too many projects on the go.  Not enough progress being made.

On top of the Lace Ribbon Scarf & Seascape Stole (which have remained untouched for days & days now) and in addition to the Sockdown! January Pomatomus socks, I’ve cast on for the first of two planned February Sockdown! challenges — a pair of Sweetheart Socks.  And I sincerely hope these will be finished by next Saturday.  *insert copius amounts of laughter here*

heart-shaped socks
The yarn is one I’ve never tried before:  Diamond Yarns Foot Loose (90% fine superwash merino, 10% nylon).  So far it’s been great to work with.  And totally affordable to boot! 

Since taking the above picture, I’ve had to frog and restart using smaller needles.  The ones in the picture are my 3mm bamboo dpns – the resulting cuff was HUGE!!!  I had to dig deep into my notions box, but I found just what I needed:  2mm aluminum dpns; they were amongst numerous other dpns, circs & straight needles which were passed on to me by the marvelous McAllister girls.  (Thank you Granny Fran.)  2mm is by far the smallest needle I’ve ever knit with – they’re so tiny!  

Found some suitable yarn for a baby blanket that I’ll need to have done by early to mid March.  Am trying very hard to resist castonitis with that blanket.  It’s easy and right now I crave easy.  Maybe you’ve seen it?  I found it on Ravelry:  Baby Chalice Blanket.  It’s gorgeous and in fact I could see myself knitting an adult sized blankie using the same pattern.  I was hoping to locally locate some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted like the pattern calls for, but no such luck…yet!

Managed to walk away from many beautiful yarns at the LYS this weekend.  Most notably my beloved Malabrigo – that took strength!  Although it’s been calling to me ever since.  I sense that a return trip will be in store next week and some new Malabrigo (worsted & sock) WILL be coming home with me…

This past week I ventured out to Stitch ‘n Bitch after a 6 week hiatus. SIX WEEKS!   Needless to say I didn’t get much knitting done.  It was so good to re-connect with everyone there!  And was just the right cure for my generally bummed out state of mind these days.

Three songs I’m loving right now:
1 – Lost? by Coldplay
2 – My Same by Adele
3 – Paranoid by Kanye West feat. Mr. Hudson


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