Question for all those who have knit socks using the Magic Loop method:

I would like to knit this pattern, which was written for dpns.
How difficult do you think it will be to convert into Magic Loop language?
Did you use any online tutorials?  Which ones? 

I have never tried Magic Loop before…
Am I biting off more than I’ll be able to chew using ML with this pattern?


3 thoughts on “abracadabra?

  1. One great tip I found for translating patterns intended for dpns to ML was to utilize stitch markers on the circular needle; placing them between each ‘needle’ so to speak.

  2. When I looked at the pattern it was written using two circulars not dpns. If its written for two circs then I just did a glove pattern written for two circs using magic loop without even thinking about it, and I am a pretty inexperienced knitter.

  3. Oh goodness, you’re right! I’ve been drooling over so many different sock patterns right now that I must’ve got them mixed up, lol.
    So then I suppose it shouldn’t be too hard to work this one up doing two at a time using the ML method :) Hooray!

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