As a treat to myself for finishing the Kid Silk Scarf, I decided to join the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous ‘Sockdown! January’ challenge.  I was going to wait until February’s challenge, but when I realized there were still a few days left to get in on the current one I thought “why not!”  Especially since the January challenge included knitting from a pattern published on a online magazine – like Knitty.  (Hey speaking of Knitty, did you check out the Winter Surprises yet?)

So I’ve cast on for a pair of Pomatomus’ (or is it Pomatomi? Pomatomuses?) using some stashed Noro Silk Garden Sock.  It’s a lovely mix of greens, blues & black.

I’ve run into a slight problem:  the pattern says to co 72 sts which I did, however after a couple of rounds of the ribbing the cuff looks ginormous!  I’m already using the smallest size of dpns I own -3mm- and my gauge is tighter than the average knitter, but I have a feeling that these babies are going to keep falling down while I’m wearing them.  I’m not quite sure what to do.  Do I trust the pattern and keep going?  Should I frog, then co a smaller number of sts then increase back to 72 sts right before starting Chart A?  Or maybe I should try decreasing by 12 sts altogether, throughout the whole pattern?

I’m trying to logically think through the ramifications of each scenario.  My gut instinct is to go with the 3rd option – decrease by 12 sts throughout.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are…aka HELP!


3 thoughts on “sockdown!

  1. Did you swatch? Have you measured around your leg at approximately where the ribbing will be? The circumference of the sock should be about 10% less than the circumference of your leg, just above the ankle bone.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thank you both for your thoughts & suggestions. I decided to go with my gut and cast on 60 stitches. It may be a little tricky once I get down to the foot, but at least they won’t be too big!

    PS – I did not swatch. D’oh! One of these days I’ll learn that lesson… :P

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