Sunday tea and toast was ruined today when I discovered we were out of honey.  I love toast & honey!  And I used up the last bag of tea too, *sob*.  I fear this is a sign of the week to come.  Also, much to my dismay, the boots I had hoped would last me through the rest of winter have a crack in the heel.
(This secretly makes me happy though as I’ve been craving a new pair of shoes for a few months now & this gives me a valid reason to spend the money.)
Plan on hitting up the shoe store when it opens today at noon; spent a little time last night on the interweb searching for prospects.  Found 4 pairs that struck my fancy – just hope they’re available in-store too…

Knitting was pretty much non-existent this week.  Seem to have hit a wall where everything I’m working on feels like just that – ‘work’.

I think I need a holiday.  Sleep would be helpful too.


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