It’s been quite a week in my little world.  Dad is in the hospital undergoing tests and days have been spent, along with Mom, by his side.  To pass time, while Dad drifts in and out of sleep (or watches the telly), I’ve been knitting.  Actually maybe I should correct myself before Mom leaves a nasty comment… We’ve been knitting.  Yeppers, the Kid Silk Scarf I’ve been working on has felt the effects of teamwork.  Mom can knit.  And purl.  And increase.  And decrease.  She claims she only knows the basics.  Well Mom, if you can knit and purl and increase and decrease, then you can knit anything!  It’s those basics that are the basis for all knit projects.  One of these days I’ll have you knitting your own socks – just you wait and see :)

So Mom’s knit 2 full pattern repeats on the scarf (that’s 20 rows!) and I promised her that her work would be posted on the world wide web for all to see.

Here you go, Ma…teamworkI also started a knit cap for Dad.  Up until yesterday he’s been unable to bath or shower.  As you can imagine he’s acquired quite a case of bedhead.  I had wanted to finish it yesterday but ended up spending the day in darkness, trying to fend off an evil migraine (the migraine won, btw).  Anyway, the hat is really cute.  I call it “pasta head” as the pattern it’s knit from is titled Fusilli Beanie.  It’s about 75% done – just need to finish one more of the 4 row pattern repeat and then it’s on to crown decreasing.

This is what it looks like so far:Dad's pasta head

On a completely different topic, I have to express my sheer joy that my “guilty pleasure” tv shows premiers today — ABDC3 baby!  So excited !!!  And now, I back away slightly embarrassed…  I don’t know anyone else who geeks out for that show.  LOL.

Alright, it’s Sunday and my cuppa tea is juuuuust about done.  Time to get moving on those weekly chores.  Then it’s back up to the hospital for an afternoon visit with my Pa.

Life is precious people, and sometimes it takes something like the endangerment of one’s health to really put things back into perspective.


3 thoughts on “teamwork.

  1. I’m sorry your pa isn’t well, and trust that the hat will definitely help with the hair issue. I swear it is the one thing, other than being ill, that makes you feel disgusting in hospital. Other than the hat can I suggest dry shampoo, spray it in and brush it out.

    Loving the knits, and I hope you and your family are hanging in there.

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