indigo harvestI love my mitten.  It’s a (mmm)Malabrigo mitten *sigh*  I’m walking around the place like Michael Jackson:  one-glovin’ it, all the way.  So hip.  First time making bobbles, first time using the i-cord cast on.  Total cinch.

purple mmmagic beretThis little beauty came off the needles last week.  Pattern is “Fern Glade” (found on Knitty).  Not sure what to do with this one yet.  I like it but already have a plethora of knitted hats.  Maybe stash it away for future gifting needs…

Miss my stitch ‘n bitches.  I’ve been MIA for the last 3 knit-nights.  Hopefully life doesn’t get in the way this week.

Time for Sunday tea.  And chores.  Boo/Hiss/Grr.


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