Another year has (just about) come and gone.  2008 was a real roller-coaster ride.  Looking back it seems so long ago, but in reality these past 365  days have flown on by (actually I guess it’s really been 366 due to it being a leap year…).

The year started out with some carry-over heartache over the loss of our boy Rusty.  Then a personal knitting ‘first’ involving a finished baby sweater – so proud.

March brought  more sorrow with the passing of my paternal Grandpa, and an (at the time) seemingly never-ending saga involving Noro yarn.  The Noro confusion was eventually straightened out resulting in a beautiful Clapotis wrap which I love dearly.

April and May were all about knitted socks (everyone else was doing it…).

June was celebrated with sheep(les), a birthday shopping spree, World Wide Knit In Public Day… Oh and I learned how to spin roving into yarn; a fun task that has been neglected for too long now.

In July I discovered my “inner Tiger Woods” and went golfing for the first time.  Yet another hobby I’d like to pursue more of in ’09.  More additions to the yarn stash, stemming from my inability to resist a good sale at the LYS :)  Lots of overtime at work.  A decision to take a stab at overcoming my fear of knitting too many projects at once (i.e. training for the Ravelympics).  And damn was July ever hot!

Reached for the gold in August, as attempts to juggle multiple WIPs were made.  I realized that it was indeed possible to have a few different things on the needles at once, but that I wasn’t really productive when doing so.  A pair of socks were finished by the time the Summer Olympics closing ceremony ocurred.  And then it was off to discover a new city at the 2008 Tessitura Network User Conference in Nashville Tennessee — yee haw!

September was dedicated to another personal knitting first:  charity knits.  It was fun to knit many smaller projects knowing that the proceeds from their sale would benefit those in need.  Would absolutely love to continue this in the coming new year.

The light-bulb in my head burned brightly in October as a new way (and innovative for me!) to wind yarn was hatched.  Also got a head start on Christmas knitting which is always a good thing.  Almost had another knitting first when I started my first adult sized sweater — it was later frogged due to gauge miscalculations (that’ll teach me to omit the swatching process…).

November was busy with more holiday knitting, plus a brand new addiction involving the ever so popular Malabrigo worsted yarn.  Made a couple of grown up purchases: new (old) car, awesome new dinette set.  At 30-plus-one it felt really great to finally feel like we moving forward.  And need I mention the US presidential election???

December started out with hope and possibility.  Made a fresh start with this blog, Christmas knits going well, early holiday celebrations a-plenty.  Hit a minor speed bump with my first felting ‘disaster’.  The excitement of being engaged (finally — it’s been 12 years, TWELVE !!!).  And now the roller-coaster ride takes a bit of a dip.  Finding out yet again that life is precious.  It appears that someone in my family has developed a serious health issue.

So the new year will be rang in with cautious optimism.  I wish you much love, laughter,  & prosperity.  May 2009 be met with our open hearts and our open minds.

Cheers to all.


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