Well Christmas has come and gone for another year.  The 2008 xmas gift list was well received (at least it seemed that way to me!).  Even the mmMalabrigo felting disaster mittens found an excellent home — on my nephew’s little hands.  But there’s one teensy weensy project left on the needles; it should be done soon, and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be a hit.

Now is the time to start on 2009 holiday projects.  Will I?  Probably not.  But I’ll at least think about it, lol.  Actually I plan to take a few projects out of hibernation.  Most notably, my Seascape stole which was cast on last July !!!  It needs to be finished by the time Lost season 5 premieres on January 21st.  Then there’s my Lace ribbon scarf which is only about 1/3 finished, also cast on last summer.  And finally, something that’s been tucked away for well over the one year mark…my “Zeeby’s Bag” totebag.  This is really sad because all that needs to be completed in order to cross it off the WIPs list is the liner.  Alas, I do not enjoy sewing.  However I shall suck it up and git’r done — soon!

Also plan to cast on for another go at Koolhaas.   This time I’ll try it using the ‘cabling without a cable needle‘ technique.  That and the recent discovery that “k2tbl” does not translate to ‘knit two together through the back loop’ (yes folks, I did make that very silly mistake), it actually means ‘knit the next two stitches through the back loop //  i.e. ktbl, ktbl’.  This should make for a hat that actually looks like it’s intended to.  Ah knitting, it is a journey isn’t it.

And this year I really will knit up some kick ass stockings for my nephew and nieces.  There’s no time like the present, especially since Michael’s is having their annual yarn blow-out; up to 70% off all in stock yarns.

Today and tomorrow are my last days of freedom as Monday I head back to work.  I plan to enjoy what’s left of my Christmas Vacation (love that movie – National Lampoon’s, remember?).  Today a movie with Momma, tomorrow a sunday roast… But for now?  Back to the last item on that 2008 xmas gift list.


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