Success!  The fffelted  mmmalabrigo mmmittens (take 2) are perfect!!!  Can you sense my excitement from all these exclamation points!?!  *does happy dance*  This time around I opened up that danged washing machine lid like every 3 seconds.  There would be no chance of another felting accident.  Nuh-uh, no way felting comparisonThat’s a look at both attempt #1 and attempt #2 of the mittens.  The top mitten, as you can clearly see, is substantially smaller than the bottom one.  Yeah…whoops.  Those will be living on the hands of a lucky little 4 year old.  At least I know better for future projects.  The bottom pair are Loverboy’s.  They fit ‘like a gloooove’. 

You know what I just can’t get over?  The softness.  Malabrigo is ‘like buttah’ to knit with, and it totally retains it’s heavenly state even after felting.  I just can’t stop touching them.  Loverboy may have to fight me for them.  Maybe we should draw up joint custody papers.

Or maybe I should just get on down to the yarn shop and see if there’s any left in stock.  Hmm…  Must finish actual xmas knitting first.  D’oh!


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