note to self.

Malabrigo felts up good.  Real good.  And real quick too.  I discovered this yesterday while felting what were supposed to be a lovely, lovely pair of mittens for loverboy.  I’m lucky if they’ll fit my 4 year old nephew now.

fffelted mmmalabrigo mmmittensOn the plus side, working with this yarn is exquisite.  Sooooo soft, colour knits up beautifully, clearly it felts well… You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be scooping up more of this yarn at any/all chance I get.  Heard one of my LYS’s got a few skeins in… Might have to sneak on down there and nab some!

So have you finished your holiday knit list yet?  I haven’t – these mittens were a slight detour (and being completely stubborn, I’ve cast on for round 2 of ‘me vs the felting’ already) which means the slippers I’d hoped to have started probably won’t be ready in time now.  Still have one sock to do, plus an easy cabled toque.  Seeing as there’s only what, 5 more days?  Perhaps I should get moving on that… *whoosh*


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