getting nervous…

one downAm starting to fret over holiday knitting. Being the painfully slow knitter that I am, my fears are that I will not be able to knit (even just one thing) for everyone I’d hoped to. This week I finished Odessa (the second) and cast on right away for Foliage (the third). I’m really happy with how well Odessa goes with the Birthday Cowl. And Foliage is juuuuuuust about done – only about 15 more rounds to go. My other problem is that I’m not sure what to start next! And it’s not that I’m not confident that I can knit the next items, it’s whether or not the recipient will like them. We’re talking slippers for the boys here. Maybe I should make nice scarves/neck wraps for them. Ack, I just don’t know! Probably doesn’t help that yesterday we had somewhat of a shopping fiasco. Which I’m not quite ready to talk about yet. Maybe in a couple of days. And that bloody soft Malabrigo keeps whispering to me too. My hands are dying to knit with it already. But I’m not allowed to knit any personal projects until the holiday knitting is done. That should give me some motivation, but sadly it is not. And now I must clean. *sigh* This has not been the best weekend. At least I’ve got TWO knit nights to look forward to this week – Tuesday AND Wednesday. Let’s just hope that I’ve sorted out my holiday knitting woes by the time Tuesday rolls around…


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