Finished one of soon-to-be-many xmas cowls the other day. Me luvs it. Fabulous results and easy-peasy pattern to boot. See for yourself:

birthday cowl

Started another neck-related project. Loverboy requested a kewl scarf.SunrayShowed him sunray. He loves. I love. Another easy knit! Everyone’s a winner. Thanks go out to Misstea, who because of her blog post back in September, introduced me to this lovely pattern. I’m not very far along, but I have a little progress pic to show you anyways. Can’t imagine why this won’t be finished by the time Sunday rolls around. Unless of course I run out of yarn…

Hey guess what. Remember the top secret, secret project? The secret’s out and I’m pretty sure my BFF liked her birfday socks. Check it out.

My new neighbours are giving me a nice little chuckle right now. It’s snowing here and they are out on their balcony taking pictures of the falling flakes. Pretty sure snow is a new thing for them. It’s fun to watch people experience that white stuff for the first time. It’s also funny to watch them in the wee hours of the morning as the three of them are all lined up in the living room window, laptops in the windowsill, the glow of their screens on their faces. We’re talking 3am to 7am, people. Guess they’re probably gaming or chatting online with friends back home.

Happy weekend y’all.


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