sunday, groggy sunday.

Well, this weekend turned out to be quite uneventful. Thanks to a nasty little headcold (or allergies or what have you) causing major kleenex usage. The weather’s been pretty nasty too. Crazy gusting winds, thunderstorms… Thunderstorms in October – not so normal, I would think. While I’m on the subject of whining, I may as well tell you that I stubbed my toe and cracked a toenail. Ouchie. Figuring that I couldn’t make things worse, I decided to go ahead and pull off the cracked end of said toenail. OUCHIE! Don’t ever do that. Just trim it down and let nature take its course, okay?

On the knitting front, made decent progress on the secret project (see this post for image). I’d like it to be finished by next Sunday, so I’ve got a fair bit of work ahead of me. So what do I do? I go and start knitting Christmas gifts. Cause that’ll help me finish the secret project faster…riiiiight. It’s just one little cowl. I couldn’t resist. Had been wanting to try this particular cowl pattern for a while. It’s an easy two row repeat, and knits up fast. Problem is that I’ve discovered more cowl patterns. And they are calling out to me.
Must knit secret project. Must finish secret project. Secret project is gooooooood.
This is what the first cowl looks like so far:birthday cowl
Am enjoying this knit. As I said, it’s a simple two row repeat and the yarn isn’t so bad either. It’s a wool/acrylic blend that I picked up from my LYS. Fun colours, great price (hello sale!).
I’ve run into yet another small roadblock. I need to knit up an iPod cozy. Because I am now the proud owner of an 80gb iPod.
*does a little happy dance*
Today’s fun will be filling up this little gadget with good tunes (somehow I don’t think I’ll be filling all 80 gigs today though). And maybe find a speedy little cozy pattern to knit :) 
Now off to drink my sunday tea and what else…those pesky chores!

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