another sunday.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Don’t know why, because it really shouldn’t be. The odds are stacked against Sundays. Example: Sunday is chore day (chores aren’t fun). After Sunday comes Monday (which is generally the start of your work week – work’s not usually fun). But nonetheless I do enjoy a good Sunday. Perhaps it’s the whole ‘day of rest’ thing pitched by the bible and many religions. I’m by no means a jesus freak (in fact, total opposite!) but I sure do like to rest. Or maybe it’s because 30+ years ago Sunday was the day I entered this world of ours. Who knows.

This Sunday will be spent with the BFF cruising down the aisles at the 2008 Scattered Seeds Christmas craft sale. It’s something I go to every year, and it never disappoints. This year I hope to actually come away from it with gifts for people. Seems that I always find stuff for myself or for the apartment instead…

Christmas is approaching quite quickly – 2 months away – and I’ve managed to strike one person off the gift list via early shopping. With regards to knitted gifts, each year I think to myself “self, you need to start your xmas gift knitting in the spring because by the time fall rolls around you get too busy and can’t get it all done”. Wish I’d listened to myself. It’s fall, and I haven’t knit one single gift. Haven’t even made the knit list yet. How bad is that? Sheesh.

Another distraction.

Recently during some Canadian election coverage on the CBC they were talking about a site called twitter. I had heard about it before too, but hadn’t yet checked it out. Then, the other day serenevistas was talking about it too. Well I just had to take a peek for myself. Kinda neat. serenevistas described it right: for those of us who enjoy reading other Facebook user’s status updates, twitter is 24/7 like that. twitter-ers can converse with one another via these little updates/comments. Not sure how long this newest addiction will last, but for now it’s entertaining enough.

Once again, I have blogged on too long and must now get on with my Sunday chores. Happy Sunday y’all!


One thought on “another sunday.

  1. Hey! I think I saw you at the craft show today! But, I was talking to someone else.

    Let’s plan a group trip in April, mmmkay?

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