Finished the pair of socks for my man yesterday (finally). Grafted the the toe and weaved in the ends this morning. He likes them. I like that he likes them. I’ll put pictures up soon.

Started another project today. A secret project. Yes, secret because I have no clue who reads these posts. For all I know, the recipient’s eyes could be looking over these very words right now! Could it be you? So sorry, can’t tell you anything about this little project. Not even the kind of yarn being used. Not even the colour of the yarn being used. Nope, not a thing. I’m really bad with secrets too. That’s why I’ll be changing the subject now…

Just zipped through the entire first and second seasons of Dexter. Talk about being late to the party. Great show. Only have to watch the first couple episodes of the third (current) season and I will be all caught up. Any other Dex fans out there? Also discovered the show Pushing Daisies. This year’s season premiere had me slightly confused about The Piemaker’s abilities, but after watching the second episode this past Wednesday I am a little more clear on what’s going on. Still, I think it would be wise to rent the first season and completely catch myself up on what this show is all about.

Tomorrow is turkey day! Now that’s exciting.

Today’s fun will be cleaning up the patio garden. Pulling up plants & flowers, fixing up the herb garden. Dirty job. Not looking forward to it. But it must be done. And I think I’ll get started on it now. Should probably trim my nails first… Icky dirt.


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