hey, look over there!

I am easily distracted when I’m not at my place of work. Heck who am I kidding, I’ve been known to stray off-track at work the odd time too. But it usually happens at home.

You wake up, with a clear idea of your plans for the day and then it all goes awry. That’s been my week so far. A whole week off equals scads of knittin’ time. When in all actuality I’ve done much less than I’d hoped.


In the past couple of days I could have easily finished the socks for my man. Could’ve done a few more pattern repeats on the Lace Ribbon Scarf. Probably could have even scraped my way through finishing the first full (large) repeat on my Seascape Stole.


But no… Never happens that way. A little thing called the internet gets in my way. That and the Sunday chores that didn’t get done until Tuesday. But it’s mostly the internet. Stoopid Facebook (evil Wordscraper!). Dumb Ravelry (oh how I love to pass time gazing at project photos, researching future projects, reading the forum pages…).


Even the blog-osphere takes precious time away, catching up on recent postings from blog-friends. And my own blog. I post so rarely compared to others that I felt I should take advantage of this ‘extra time’ and talk to you folks some more.
All that “distraction” amounts to:
– the socks not being touched
– the scarf not being touched
– the stole not being touched
– starting a NEW project (her hoodie, for me)
– starting a SECOND new project (his sweater, for him)
– realizing his sweater cannot be cast on until yarn is ball-ified
– questions from my man on the state of his socks


I have however managed to knit up a few inches on the hoodie. Am loving the colour so far – “blackberry” – yum.Central Park Hoodie
I really should go pick up the sticks. But just one more thing before I sign off (for today :P ).


flowers from LLast weekend I helped a friend with an event she was co-ordinating (even got my very own nametag – whee!). It was a fun day, and was also nice to spend time with someone I so rarely get to see these days. Well to my surprise on Monday afternoon I had a knock on my door. Flowers! She sent these bright happy yellow beauties in thanks for my assistance at her event. Made my day. Thanks L, anytime you need a hand just let me know. I’d be glad to. 
Now whaddya think: socks or hoodie? Maybe I should finish off that sock…

One thought on “hey, look over there!

  1. Hoodie… hoodie… hoodie…

    You can go back to the sock on Wednesday nights at SnB when the hoodie gets to big to be portable! ;)

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